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Wood Powder Making Machine

JKhodiyar wood powder machine chipper, drum chippers, logs chipper machine, wood logs chippers, wood powder machine, wood chippers Machine is used for converting the Wood Logs into wood powder. It is designed to take the all type of wood log material i.e. hardwood, softwood etc. JKhodiyar Sawdust making Machine is strong enough to go through wet or dry logs tree trunks & logs and turn them into sawdust in one go.

This Wood Chipper machine is used to grind forestry waste such as Wood logs, Wood waste etc. with maximum moisture content up to 45% and having maximum diameter up to 300mm and maximum length of the waste varies from 300mm to 5500mm

Sawdust Making Machine

Using sawdust making machine chippers developed especially for this material by Jay Khodiyar, you can turn this wood log waste in high calorific value wood chips, wood powder you can used this wood chip material as briquette fuel industry, pellet industry, boilers industry, furnaces industry and even in biomass power plant.


  1. Hasib sharif

    2 hours ago

    really i m happy with jkhodiyar wood powder machine

    1. Ahmad sharif

      2 hours ago

      very good sawdust machine

    2. Ahmad sharif

      2 hours ago

      we are happy with wood powder machine.

  2. Hasib sharif

    2 hours ago

    Perfect work wood powder machine

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